Mindfulness and Complex Trauma: The Rewards and the Risks — Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Even while relying on mindfulness as the cornerstone of my own healing process, I’ve found that most popular guidance on meditation and mindfulness only offers a superficial treatment of what this is about. It can cure anxiety, depression, help you be more focused, empathic, compassionate — the list goes on. The fact that meditation can actually help support a lot of positive things in people’s life dominates the conversation. And while it can indeed do all of that, in the process of getting there it is also a destructive force, challenging the conditioned self. It can tear us to shreds before it makes us feel better. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and in some instances it can be plain dangerous. …

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Finding the Gifts Within Madness — Everything Matters: Beyond Meds



by Ron Unger When people are seeing the world really different than we do, it’s often reassuring to think that there must be something wrong with them – because if they are completely wrong, or ill, then we don’t have to rethink our own sense of reality, we can instead be confident about that own understandings encompass all that we need to know. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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A New Identity

Edgar Allan Poe Sanity Quote

So here it comes on again like the wondrous moment before the plunger goes down and that spiral twists its way into your innermost regions to play songs of the sweetest sin across who you are.

Its a bit different when its in your head though, and nothing but the tin can rattling around to remind you of the slurried remnants of what you once called yourself all but forgotten in an intense longing, for…er…to do…fuck…something.

Clutch point on a catch and release orgasm and the fish is dying on the line. Fuck me three ways from Sunday if I can pin it. So where to go.

Where to go.

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(REBLOGGED) Something Beautiful — RamJet Poetry

I’ve been  lost in my own world for quite some time, but my god is this some intense and fantastically accessible poetry with a free flow feel.



I wanted to make something beautiful… avatar of dragon bone Celtic sworl-painted warrior adorned with cold starlight stare of purest water out of night sword bare statuesque goddess of Greek proportion portrait of love so vast blooming roses painful, profane I wanted to touch something beautiful fumbling naked fingers unworthy buckling harness to steed that […]

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Burning Bridges

Every feel like you didn’t just burn bridges behind you, but rather laid out a remarkably complex series of landmines just in case you wanted to go back and try to repair? 

Addiction Makes you Do Stupid Shit