Melting Neurons

This blog was started during a period of time while I was freshly divorced, had lost my house, my job, and my kids owing to a raging issue with drugs and alcohol and my own inability to prioritize the health of myself and my family as first and foremost. I found myself seemingly alone, homeless, penniless, with charges mounting in multiple cities and a ceaseless urgency to keep moving.

Later, I would be diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar disorder after spending nearly 5 years bouncing on and off the streets, owning and losing a business, getting engaged three times, and eventually spending 10-months in a delusional psychosis which left me a shattered fragment of myself.

Through that period of time, To Ink in it’s many forms and iterations, remained an outlet, a digital collection of my desperation, my successes and many failures, and a way to feel like my voice was being cast out to relieve the inner turmoil and conflict I was feeling. The spoken word pieces I did, for all their terrible editing and poor quality still help me honestly recall the emotional madness I was going through, and I truly hope somewhere, someone has read/heard these pieces and felt a connection that helped them endure a trial of their own.

I write as honestly and openly as I can because I have not always been so forthcoming. Today I find my integrity and ethics are in line with my desire to continue exploring the weirdness inside my mind, and a willingness to share what and how my experiences have taught me. This blog helped keep me alive in some very dark periods, and today is helping me grow into a better human.

Thank you for reading, interacting, commenting, or just browsing – it means the world to me and I am truly grateful for every person who has taken the time out of their day to let a little part of me into their lives.

-Skye (Melting Neurons)

Melting Neurons resides in WA circumnavigating the Wenatchee area in a trailer, hopefully still with his semi-psychopathic (reformed) dog. He hails from Bend, OR originally, except the dog, who’s a Texan death row survivor. His writing centers around a lifetime filled with adventures in schizoaffective bipolar, addiction, homelessness, business ownership, marriage, and all the ups and downs between. He is a writer and editor for the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and enrolled in college.

Comments, questions, feedback, thoughts?

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