Awaken the Statue

All credit for the image to Conscious Reminder

Etched ink drawn out in scars so colorful and deep they collapse the night around them,
I stare at them, on my arms, on my chest, on my fingers, on my neck,
this collection of reminders I wear to remind me of experiences,
they are my gateway to recall, to the moments that shaped me, that broke and remolded me.

Memories pour across the neurons, a kaleidoscopic whirl of time merging from past to present,
let me bathe inside the warmth of the smiles, the haloed intensity of each saturated moment,
let me wander determinedly into the shadows of loss, the grief, the regrets, the mistakes,
let me step boldly now across the insanity, the passions, the desires, the absences, and the half forgotten faces.

Take me to the sculpting block where all the roads merge to one, where stone is chipped with experience,
where the cracks define the figure and are the map into my soul, the escape route for my heart.
Let me see the tools we used, from tormented days to breathless ecstasy, from fear to love, from madness to peace,
all the fractured chunks on the floor, finally appreciated for the masterful strokes the universe wielded.

Walk me toward this newfound person, chiseled from the inside and the out to become a reality,
able to see and be seen fully without the cloak of mystery that all raw material has.
It took decades, it took patience, it took heartbreak, it took courage, it took honesty, it took determination,
it took error after error, it took forgiveness, it took deliberation, it took choices, it took exhaustion.

It took every painstaking moment, every particle of hope, and every bout of confusion to get to this moment.
Etched ink drawn out in scars, paint that will never be removed on flesh that yearned so desperately for meaning,
reminders of where it all began, and the journey to where I sit today. Grateful for the path,
mindful of what it cost me and those that entered the studio of my life, open to the light the bathes this world,
in love with existence and the chance to shine bright enough that others may find their way out of the dark.

Craterellus cornicopioides

From pseudonymous themselves

Because, are you kidding me. Verbal brain sex without a condom. Thank you pseudonymous #wordplay #poetry #crazy

I had a vision while everyone was sleeping that I would find you where the redwoods met the madrones I was to go there alone six years ago with my perforated medicine water bottle backpack two pape…

Source: Craterellus cornicopioides


Sit powerfully with your eyes cast low,

Shouldering sugared pillars of duty,

That the sun can rest amid glorious delights,

And the travelers roam free across their paths,

Searching always for the journey-

-not the end.

She Saved a Life With a Cup of Water and a Smile

A single cup of water given for free to a thirsty and tired traveler may have truly been life saving.  His kidneys had been compromised had not had luck finding a kindly individual over his hike to get back home from the hospital that would consider buying any sort of liquid in nearly 8 hours during a blazing summer in New England.

She didn’t judge as every store in Brockton, MA had – or as the nearly connecting “MiniMart” located nearly next door had. He was soaked head to toe in foul sweat from a confusing night involving hallucinations, collapsing, sleeping in water, and convulsions.

Crowning the clearly homeless ensemble was a backpack, rough unkempt beard fuzz, a shredded tongue a sickly shade of white to match cracked lips, baggy pants with pockets and twitching and compulsive check-ups on everything to ensure it was still there.

That young woman didn’t know he had been in a hospital that morning because he thought he may have had a seizure or a stroke at the age of during the night and was too ashamed and confused to ask for help from his housemates. He had only slept 1-hr out of the last 96 despite walking 8+miles a day,. She didn’t even bother to give a quick “I need to check with the boss first.” Her first reaction was a smile and a “Sure.”

To someone who had so regularly scraped the bottom, and had been turned down over, and over, and over that morning based on first sight. Despite the apparent urgency for those of us stuck in the sun, even tap water was off limits.

It was a simple action for you to do Ms. Sarah/Sara – but I thank you and would give a nod to the owner as well, ;-). You’ve got someone special there, and he appreciated that Styrofoam cup (that even had ice)  in the way a dying man does his next breath.

Keep being you, and thank you, meant from the heart – (hoping that you check the workplace page from time to time and get to see this, 🙂


“The smallest act of kindness can return a spark of hope and belief when those fires seem dimmest.”


P.S. This place Randolph Famous Pizza where she works, has some of the best looking (and I’m told AMAZING) pizzas on the South Shore are.

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