There is nothing romantic about addiction.

Introduction from another fine individual burrowing their way out of the maze of addiction. Check him out!

Well I guess this is where I say hi………This is going to be my new platform for experiences or situations that have happened(or are happening) during my life as an addict. This isn’t trying to glorify this lifestyle because there is nothing glorious about it. It involves a lot of pain, but I am one that tries to see the bright-side of many situations. I consider myself to be an opiate addict although, I cannot say that I did not or have not indulged in many other drugs during my time. But as far as dependency opiates take the cake. I’ll be back to post more very soon, possibly tonight or tomorrow during the Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Many nod’s to you all.

Source: There is nothing romantic about addiction.

Crystal Meth

Pumped up on that chalky sunshine,

The moon is fading to another vicious morning.

Spent my hours beneath the starlight in the wind,

Lovingly hitting repeat on every action I’d begin.

Glassed eyes and withered muscles ache,

Blood thundering past a thirst impossible to slake.

The ride was hot and heavy to the top,

Until we picked up speed enough to never stop.

Becoming a Literary Exhibitionist

Exhibitionism at it’s finest calls for a complete strip down – but like most nudity, sometimes those watching would prefer the clothes stayed on. Authors must dangle and hope the meat on display attracts the eye. Easier perhaps when your life is wrenched from the most vivid hallucinations of Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson then run through the Douglas Adams’ improbability drive. Prodded with LSD and electrified glow-sticks into the Minotaur’s lair to play. Surely that would entertain?

This is a lifelong dream, a Purpose or a calling that I’ve never been able to just put ahead of everything else. Please share, and thank you for taking the time to browse. Thank you.

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Freedom – New Writing Shortly

To everyone that has been supportive, thank you, sincerely and with complete abandon. 

To Mimi, you already know. Live to love you.

Ton of new writing, thoughts and essays along with a few tales from the jailhouse experience coming once I get them transferred to digital format.

Free at last.