Unhappy Anniversary

It marks a landmark that the both of us haven’t hit in a long time with a relationship. A long stress ridden Rollercoaster of a relationship. I love him beyond words and miss him more than i can explain. He made a tough decision that no matter what I stood by him, and will continue to do. We will have many upon many other anniversaries to celebrate together. When he gets out we can celebrate then. I love you with all my heart♡

☆green-haired angel☆

Jail Bound

Headed to jail today to wrap up a sentence and hopefully get a brand new lease on life without probation. Thanks to everyone for the support – and my love to those who have been there all along. Mom, dad, Mimi, Wolf, Anya – thank you for believing in me even when it’s all crumbled to dust.

Casting Shadows

Glistening rays of victory,

Drip dew on heads raised brilliantly.

Across the tundra of a challenge passed,

Kisses wind to fill a time worn flask.

Proud passion stirs the limbs to stretch,

Striding now with purpose — bypassing always The Wretch.

It sits a shadow of rocky history,

Unshackled by casting master,

While they tread future bound moving ever faster –

-once ensnared, now always to be free.

Sectioned – Spoken Word via Scriggler

Sectioned – Spoken Word via Scriggler
This is a rehash (new momentous news and releases in the next couple days) but Scriggler has been kind enough to promote this and I want to share my appreciation. Your like, comment, or view would be greatly welcomed!