Wealth I found

past the cracked shoreline

where the temper of the rain

is always less than kind.

Across the grass gone to rot

in fields capped gray

seared to pathetic dust

fed on by insects

and home to spiders.

Beyond the sealed tops of wells

whose water had all soured

from dirt made mud

reeking of sulfur

which fouled the clarity

and the taste.

Against the backdrop

of a melted sun

pouring its soul

into an endless blue

as night shadowed close

to extinguish the light.

Deep in the badlands

mind spinning wildly

sparking against the solitude

a heart caught flame

and in the darkness

exposed the gold

staining each footprint.


Below the gallows and above the stars
breath wails out for hope,
even without those upon thars.

Dripping nitrogen and oxygen,
we are made of galactic stuff.

Thoroughly and dreamily we believed
in acting oh so tough.

A universe galloping, wildly, over the edge
no reigns to find in absent time,
we exhaust this empty pledge.

“I am human as I conceive of me,
and in this void, devoid of all,
I insert what I will be
despite pride before the fall.”

Sand drops the final shard,
ambition meets its end.

In this final darkness, child,
naught but love is friend.