Per the Wiki defining creative nonfiction: “For a text to be considered creative nonfiction, it must be factually accurate, and written with attention to literary style and technique. “Ultimately, the primary goal of the creative nonfiction writer is to communicate information, just like a reporter, but to shape it in a way that reads like fiction.”

  • Jews at a Taco Shopa story about a laundromats, homelessness, a possessed carousel, and a bad ass bearded man eating burrito while fighting the rise of fascism.
  • Clown Shoe Hustle – from the streets back into a corporate role and the uncertain realities and fears that combat each other during the transition
  • Barefoot Lottery Winner Injects Crack Cocaine – title says it all. $10,000 and a hotel room with some stolen shoes along with vinegar, syringes, exes, chocolate cake, and an EKG.

Comments, questions, feedback, thoughts?

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