Homeless Drumbeat


It’s intrinsic,

Chaotically living life in transit,

Dystopian swing shift watch the hours count down is all you can manage.

A metronome rhythm rattling then clicking the only sound.

Grains sliding then slipping,

Crumbling, dividing then quickening.

Grit in the eyes where bleary sand sticks,

Blending euphoria to exhaustion is one nasty mix.

Sure–change glued in amber,

Stuck like a beetle or bug,

Mosquito frozen solid while filled up on blood.

That locus of focus shifted heavily to stone,

Life essence trapped then mired,

In the middle of all while forever alone.

Memory Spiders

Vividly vicious,

Pointedly pernicious,

Real life though through time they are sent.

Soaring sacred,

Helping hot hatred,

Occupying thoughts and blinding sight with recall bent.

Worldly window,

Boldly brittle,

Truncated life in fell cobwebs do they build.

Spindly spiders,

Truthfully totter,

Legs dancing across silk fields.

Memories mine,

Flurries recall and define.

The man that I once was,

Chaos attached to the leg of a dove.

Today I acknowledge the taste,

Confront the facts,

Carve away all the emotional waste.