“Lovely Psychosis” – directions for survival as a poem.

Boy, psychosis was one hell of a drug - courtesy of The Plaid Zebra.
All credit to The Plaid Zebra for this image.

Once there was optimism to see silver laced clouds
till the world shook on its axis and decidedly bowed.
Psychosis (they say) is to go quite insane,
lose touch with reality, but they never mention the pain.
When all that is true breaks at the seams,
life becomes survival, desperation and screams.
Mistrusting your judgement since all you see is false,
no more gut feelings to rely on, you’ve got to just halt.
Buried beneath the weight of taunting monsters and more,
the theories roll, there is no staunching it despite how you implore.
Eventually, the doctor will finally take note,
through terror laced tears you sought out help and hope.
The medicine works! That’s great, saves the day,
the 50lb weight gain, well at least you’re not in a grave.
Time will return that the world is no longer asunder,
blessed peace will come back, beautiful and quiet as thunder.
There isn’t much that the mind cannot do,
it a remarkable system when it runs smooth.
So if you find yourself in that darkest of nights,
keep hold of your love and never stop searching for light.
Psychosis is agony, there’s no hiding it,
vulnerability is the solution though surrendering seems amiss.
Give trust to those that care about you,
seeing through their eyes might keep you from the thorazine zoo.
Recognize, none of us perfection incarnate,
schizo or not we all have a life to live well and stories to make.

7 thoughts on ““Lovely Psychosis” – directions for survival as a poem.

      1. That is sweet of you to say, thank you. I am handling life as best I can, just like everyone else, challenges and all. I do hope the same for you and I too appreciate your support. I look forward to your work as we are all in this together, though apart.

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  1. You’re right: “There isn’t much that the mind cannot do,” The mind has the ability to go beyond time and place. It can be almost anywhere and do almost anything. And it likewise can change the physical dimension as well. Nice work!

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    1. Thanks Benjamin! For me it was the realization of how complex our brains really are to concoct the thousands of scenarios and hallucinations that I was experiencing…it was like rewriting a book a hundred times a day trying to explain the world. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement, I’ll keep checking out your work as well since I really enjoyed that last piece I read, 🙂

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      1. Wow, that’s interesting way you put things. The brain is power. We’ve studied it for so long and I think we still know almost nothing about how it works exactly. It’s a powerful image, the idea of rewriting a book a hundred times a day. I can tell you have a strong way of explaining things (neat, also). Stay safe! And thanks 🙂

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