God’s a Sonofabitch

Devoid of fear with no need of courage
a unique place that so many call ourselves
sits buried under flesh and thinking ground
in burial always recognized but rarely ever felt.

Alabaster purity of single purpose
where we dream that everything makes sense?
Maybe where gods themselves are found
and souls evolve, arise, and are incensed.

The questions remain all asked,
though the starting point remains unclear,
if all the ends justified the means
then why are we still here?

Are we built for greater things,
or is there nothing left to fuel.
Does god remain high above,
or does human energy amount to a sacred pool?

When the pain of asking is all through,
and every wall is broken,
do we sit in furious love and take the beating,
our wicked recognition the wounding token?

If not now, then when and why will the light sound like a shout?
We all search for it in absent things,
that once we cared about.

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