You Can’t Have Kids, You’re Bipolar.

It’s a much older post from someone I just stumbled across, but both her personal recognition and understanding of the challenges potentially faced along with her willingness to take the steps to educate responsibly her children – to make them aware – makes this a beautiful look at rather frightening issue. I have schizoaffective bipolar type 1 – I have two kids. Someday, my most fervent hope is that my ex-wife will let the kids have some form of contact with me so that I can share the unique world view that illness has allowed me to gather.

At the end of the day, mentally ill or otherwise, we are all individuals that are byproducts of the experiences we have endured and enjoyed in life. Our ethical compass and moral codes are the higher bar to which anyone can hold themselves. Having done wrong, been blessed with a disease of the mind, or anything right on down to addiction is just a hurdle, one that can be overcome and used to expand the acceptable norm to a degree that is more inclusive, more universal, and more loving.

I’d encourage a read.

Nicole Lyons


The other day someone sent me a message on The Lithium Chronicles Facebook page, asking me why I didn’t feel guilty for having children because I have Bipolar Disorder. Now normally when I get questions in my inbox I post them, not only to answer them publicly, but also to let others share their experiences and feelings. I left this question unanswered, and instead decided to address it here, in a blog post.

Do I feel guilty for having children when I knew I had bipolar disorder? The answer is an unflinching and resounding NO. I do not feel guilty. My children are a blessing and I, despite my illness or maybe even because of it, am a great mother.

But what if they are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or some other Mental Illness?

Well if that’s the case, I had better blaze the best trail possible for them…

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