Hello Grim

Insanely possible impossibilities,

Shattered and replaced with ingenuity.

Hot roach on a highway hitting nothing,

I hold all the aces and still I’m bluffing.

Smeared sneer pasted in a smile,

Choking on air – so I’ll smoke for awhile.

Ups are getting tossed ‘round the downs,

When I fall and trip I don’t hit the ground.

Show me the trail and I’ll run on through,

I may laugh at death –

-but death laughs at you

NOTE: Written at 16 years old after starting crystal meth. grim-reaper

8 thoughts on “Hello Grim

        1. Hahaha….most frustrating thing in the world no? All that work, time, emotion, so suddenly gone. I honestly have no idea how this one found its way back. Part of the goal with the blog….digitize baby, never lose anything again….hopefully.

          And in that line, I truly wish yours will find their way home again as well. Your work is incomparable. Love everything on so many levels. bows head.

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          1. It’s lost. Like many things when my grandparents passed, my mother had to get rid of a lot. All I recall is one journal where I pretended to be a vampire and wrote from that perspective.

            Unless the zombie apocalypse happens, we’ll have our stuff here forever. I want to hand write some out for my little ones. Archaic, I know.

            Thank you. I’m meeting so many great people/writers on here. Should’ve used WordPress a million years ago.

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          2. Your little ones are lucky Samantha. Nothing archaic about it. Someone I met in a bar once told me he had made a fortune in gifts from corporations by simply hand writing them letters that started, “This is bullshit…”

            Writing with the flesh isn’t old fashion, it’s personal, and that means the world. 🙂

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  1. Half way through my brain thought “HOLD EVERYTHING! THERE’S A DIFFERENT TONE/ATTITUDE!” then that was too much thinking for my brain and I continued on. So I was happy to see it was written by your younger self and I didn’t have to think too hard. Illustration? You? Or from somewhere else? It’s fitting and I love it. I’ve always wanted to be able to express myself in the way you do instead of spewing out raw naked truth. It would be more subtle and cerebral. I still think that all types of poetry are supposed to rhyme. lol

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  2. I love your style though Darie….there’s a huge amount to be said in favor of the naked truth. Each of us has our own…I’m having a ton of fun seeing what young me wanted to say all those years ago. Your work is beautiful in its unique way. As a reader, I wouldn’t change a thing in any way.


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