Casting Shadows

Glistening rays of victory,

Drip dew on heads raised brilliantly.

Across the tundra of a challenge passed,

Kisses wind to fill a time worn flask.

Proud passion stirs the limbs to stretch,

Striding now with purpose — bypassing always The Wretch.

It sits a shadow of rocky history,

Unshackled by casting master,

While they tread future bound moving ever faster –

-once ensnared, now always to be free.

7 thoughts on “Casting Shadows

  1. You commented on my blog the other day. And to give you an update my own sister read my stuff and said she feels sorry for me because I’m just trying to have people see me as a victim. And I’m only doing it to get more followers…I’m totally freaked out what kind of a person says that to a severely depressed person… I didn’t know how else to get ahold of you, or anyone about this

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    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you quicker. I’m always happy to talk, there are some normal people sicker than those of us that are termed sick (as I see it) we get out what we need to through this medium, and I feel it’s important to hold strong to the truth that this is for you, that others can take what they may from it (and hopefully that is the inspiration it aims to carry, or at least some perspective). But if the impression is negative, or it the words twisted to be used as a weapon against the originator, it is always only in the eye of the beholder. Don’t fret, if it means anything, I don’t see you as the victim, I see you as a survivor of much self inflicted harm (unintentionally self inflicted if that makes any sense). It takes a cruel person to turn that into a barn against the sufferer at hand. But hey, I hear the same stuff from people occasionally – looking at the source (ex-wife for example) provides some clarity on the “why” regarding the intentions. Hold on there, 🙂


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