“Not My Problem”

I haven’t done a good job of trying to address the specific issues related more directly to my BPD as opposed to the other BPD in my life (Type 1 – Sev w/ Psy). My girlfriend, being much smarter than I, has been delving deeply into it and is showing me where “my BPD” is showing.

This blogger brings the bitter frustration to light in ways that I hadn’t considered yet – the thirsty desire for remedy and the intelligence to provide thoughts with personal research to those that should help – only to encounter that #stigma which degrades and removes consideration of what is being presented in lieu of slamming damn drugs down your/our/their gullets.

So glad I bumped into a reference and appreciate her letting me share this here.

Borderline Confessions

It’s been tough few months. My mood is so down, my drinking is up and saving money is non existent. I honestly wonder where the bottom really is because it surely feels like I’m there. My doctors have been, as always, useless. Every time I got to my GP I have to pay around 55 euros which adds up pretty quickly when I keep going back every week because instead of improving, I’m doing worse and worse. I have no idea how to speak to my doctor so she’ll understand how serious the situation is. I’m so afraid of loosing my job and being without income. It terrifies me yet I’m still too sick to work. I’ve been maybe 4 days to work in the past three weeks. I’ve got sick days and my manager is somewhat understanding – but still I’m filled with anxiety. 

After being assessed by the psychiatrist last…

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