Sometimes you crumble instead of finding that strength to go on.

We aren’t all heroes.

This isn’t a movie of achievement and success.

Loved ones are hurt.

Blessings aren’t counted.

Actions come like riding a bike after years away.

All of it slides across you and at some point it’s pitiful weakness that lets you down.

The weight proves too great.

You’ve burnt out.

Hope is the most dangerous thing.

It promises more…

But maybe this is who you are.

The Almost.

So close to winning – that you have to fail.

Apologies will be made.

But “sorry” is as empty to the ears of others as much as it is empty to you.

You wanted so much more.

But it’s the head games you play with yourself that destroy you time and time again.

It’s just the way it is.

Just the way it is.

The way it is.






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