Direct and honest…the streets are not friendly to any, and the sinner inside is given free reign to cut loose.

Coke Whore Hippie

Ripped fishnets, short dress; frayed denim, pretty mess. Rock n’ roll soul in her fucked up fantasy; rhyming dirty words, singing sad songs of tragedy. Rebel rebel, spirit of black. Cocaine heart with a hollywood past. Fucking dirty whores in the back seats of cars; flirting with the boys taking shots at the bar. Strung-out junkie was chasing the high, delusion laced up and down her spine. Sold her soul to sin, lust, and desire. Snorting any powder that was claimed to get her higher. There was a riot in her heart, smudged makeup on her eyes; losing light in the dark, leather harness on her thighs. She was devoted to freedom, an obsession to roam. No compass on the map, the stars became her home. Rage flooded through her veins, a poet of sadness. She tried to mask her pain, an illusion of madness. Pierced the needle in her…

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