Optimistic Insomniac vs Sunrise

There is a remarkable moment,

When we are first kissed by the morning.

A blaring trumped of visual inspiration,

Reliably pulling back the insanity of night.

Elegant bands of color paint the bellies on each cloud,

Demanding that the world awaken,

To rise and face each bramble laden choice.

Blue light blazes into existence,

Everything impure crumbles,

Sentience reclaimed from the endless void of sleep.

A sledgehammer of focus,

Turning man and creature to frenzied behavior,

Hoping that there will be enough time to finish their tasks.

To survive, to indulge, to extend further and further,

Beyond the necessary requirements for existing,

To satiate something primal.

Ideals will be supplanted with those corruptible ideas,

Goals become distorted for excess and stress for accomplishment.

Yet –

Occasionally one will pause to recline,

Observe the infinite overhead panel of cosmos beyond the fuming sun,

Adjust their perspectives.

To rethink the order of priorities,

Place prominent something larger.

To rise and crest with an exquisite jewel warming the soul,

Stand outside the shade.

To breathe deeply of the stardust life is crafted of,

Reflect back the beauty all around,

Until they themselves glow.

A moving mass of living light,

An answer delivered to morning question –

“What am I capable of?”

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